Thursday, 4 April 2013

Dead leg, BJJ and Ronda

I managed to train last Thursday at Yoshin Ryu but got thrown hard and then had a knee hit me in my upper thigh, giving me a dead leg and ending my training for the night. This was only my second randori session of the evening so it sucked that I had to sit out with an ice pack strapped to my thigh whilst everyone else carried on sparring.
In my previous fight I had a good tussle with Steve (as usual) and managed a Tani-otoshi. The rest of our session we kind of cancelled each other out and I even managed to stuff his obligatory Tomoe-nage attempt.

Before the class started I noticed a new guy wearing a BJJ gi and after chatting to him I found out that he trains BJJ at Roger Gracie’s place in London and that he is a Blue belt. I was partnered with him for our warm up and Uchikomi, but I never got the chance to roll with him in Newaza. However I’ve got the urge to do some BJJ training again, probably at Nova Forca, but I need to work out if this will be possible with work, looking after my daughter and Judo taking priority.

As this post is a little short and rushed I thought I’d share the following video of Ronda Rousey.

This is from the current season of The Ultimate Fighter or TUF for short and shows Ronda, who was brought in as a guest coach, doing some grappling training with TUF middleweight fighter Uriah. Uriah is the most feared fighter in the TUF house, having already KO’d two opponents in brutal fashion and is favourite to win the whole show. This video shows just how good Ronda’s grappling and Judo is as the 135lb female throws and armbars her 185lb male opponent. Enjoy

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