Thursday, 27 June 2013

Brian Jacks at Yoshin Ryu

The fact that I am still blogging should tell you that baby is still yet to make an appearance, 8 days overdue now. In hindsight it means I could have attended the Brian Jacks seminar at Yoshin Ryu but hey I wasn't to know that. Anyway the below was posted on the BJA Facebook page a couple of days ago so thought i'd share it.

Click on this to find all the photos taken on the day.

In other news I bought this the other day from here
I'd been looking for some Judo clothing for a while now but most of them say things like "I love Judo" or "Judo Rocks" which is not particularly cool especially when you consider the wide array of cool BJJ and MMA related clothing on the market. Anyway I thought this t-shirt was a simple and nice design and have recommended it to other people at my club.

My last bit of news before I sign off for a couple of weeks is that my next post will be a full review of Black Eagle's new Shiai double weave Judogi.