Wednesday, 21 November 2012

GSP retains UFC Belt

Georges St Pierre (GSP) retained his welterweight title on Saturday night in Canada against a very game Carlos Condit. This was after GSP had been out for a year with a torn ACL and Carlos Condit had been made the “interim champion” after defeating Nick Diaz.

GSP dominated much of the fight with his grappling skills. He consistently took Condit to the ground and landed several elbows and punches.
A left elbow opened a nasty cut above Condit's right eye in the first round and GSP used an elbow in the second round to widen the same cut.

The third round was Condit's best, as he landed a hard kick to the top of GSP’s head, making the champion look vulnerable for the first time since his shock defeat to Matt Serra, but GSP roared back during the fourth and fifth rounds, again utilising his superior wrestling skills to keep Condit on his back.


  1. That was one of the greatest comebacks I've ever seen! Considering that George St.-Pierre has been out for a year because of injury, GSP truly has the makings of a great fighter because not even an injury can slow him down. Thumbs up to him for always giving his very best in every fight!

    Hugh Motz

    1. GSP is an incredible athlete and roll model to other aspiring fighters.
      Thanks for your comments