Friday, 13 July 2012

Competition Ne-waza Techniques by Steve Gawthorpe

Just thought i'd add this Youtube clip as at 22 seconds you can clearly see both Stuart and Stewart from DJC kneeling either-side of the guy that's standing up. Stuart is the one wearing the black rashguard.

The Newaza instruction is pretty useful as well.


  1. Good video, I enjoyed it. I am always happy whenever a Judo Club places some emphasis on ne-waza. Truly a lost aspect of the modern sport of Judo but not the art of Judo.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Go Team USA Judo!

  2. glad you didn't let age deter you from joining such a tough sport.
    and, i'm glad to see due credit given to newaza by judo players from any club. the biggest change for my mat work was after i tore my acl and had to wait 9 months for surgery, i was limited far more than in the past to ground work and had to emphasize sweep to top position more than stalling or getting back to my feet for a restart.
    you'll appreciate a throw to a head/arm choke from one of my matches here -

  3. Nice video Ze Grappler and nice blog too