Friday, 22 June 2012

Sacrifice Throws

Dorking Judo club is currently plagued with injuries. Oli damaged his knee in competition and had to have it drained today. Big Stuart hurt his back, also in competition and had to leave the class very early on and of course then there’s me who may or may not have broken the same toe that I did break last year. I say may have as the swelling has gone down a lot now so it’s possible that I just badly bruised it. That said, a broken toe sounds a lot better (when telling people why you are limping) than a badly bruised toe so I’ll stick with broken for now.

Stewart took the class tonight and told us we would be practicing sacrifice throws.

Tani-otoshi was the first throw we practiced which is a throw that I’ve used quite a bit in the past as I think it suits someone with long legs like I have. We used it first as a counter to Ko-soto-gari and then as a counter to a poor Tai-otoshi.
Next up was Yoko-guruma as a counter to Tai-otoshi. Tori steps around the Tai-otoshi and through Uki’s legs, rotating and launching uke over Tori’s left shoulder.

Finally we did Uki-waza, which is sort of a forward version of Tani-otoshi. All three of these throws are part of the blue belt syllabus so it was great to tick a few more off the list. As I said earlier I have had some success with Tani-otoshi before but I have never been shown the other two. Of the other two throws Yoko-guruma seemed like it would work best for me as stepping off of someone attempting a Tai-otoshi does happen quite frequently in randori.

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