Friday, 11 November 2011


It appears that someone has taken offence to my blog and has therefore taken it upon themselves to email my club and complain. I haven’t seen the offending email but from what I’ve been told by the instructors, the anonymous emailer thinks that my blog is somehow damaging to my club and disrespectful to Judo due to the links I have to other martial arts like BJJ. There is an option to leave comments on my blog so should you take offence or disagree with anything that is written within it then please use this as a way of contacting me and we can then have a sensible discussion.

Just to add, all of the instructors have now read my blog and cannot see anything in it which in anyway damages the club or Judo. In fact they are of the opinion that it is a useful way of promoting Dorking Judo Club and they encourage me to keep at it. One thing that was pointed out to me by Black belt Stuart was that I have been spelling his name incorrectly as he spells his name Stewart. So from now on he will simply be referred to as Stewart, which means I can drop the black belt part.

On to last night’s lesson and it was a sort of Newaza master class. After we were warmed up I was paired up for some Newaza first with Oli and then without pause Stewart and then Peter. Following this Peter proceeded to show me various ways of applying Waki-gatame and Ude-gatame, specifically from a standing position. Although these techniques are not always successful when standing they can cause your opponent to move to a position where they are easily thrown or at the very least, give your opponent something to think about and put them off of a certain grip.

We then moved on to Ude-garami and finished with Hadaka-jime before Peter asked me to try and use the techniques I had just been shown, in some Newaza against himself, Stewart and Oli. Again I did this without any pause in between so it was a good workout but I really enjoyed it. I did have some success in applying these techniques but I cannot remember what technique I performed on whom. Stewart commented that I had a fairly good defense off of my back and in the most part I was able to stop anyone passing my guard.

Although we didn’t work specifically on my green belt syllabus tonight I felt like I got a lot out of the lesson, specifically with regards to my groundwork. I have commented in the past that I needed to learn some collar chokes as they seem to be presented quite regularly but I have rarely been able to finish them due to my lack of understanding of them, so hopefully this is something that I can start to address and improve on.

At the end of the class Peter said that he might show us some Kata in the upcoming weeks as it’s a good way of improving our technique and as Peter has won national Kata championships I’m sure he’ll be the right person to teach us.


  1. I'm amazed that someone has suggested that you're "damaging" your club. I've been reading your blog since it started and can only recall positive comments regarding your training there.

    Regarding your links to BJJ, surely exposing your judo experience to other martial artists can only help promote Judo? I for one have never done judo but have developed an interest in it through this blog. Oh well, keep blogging.

  2. Thanks Boris, what I write in this blog are my thoughts on MY Judo training as they happen and I fully intend to continue to keep blogging.

  3. The only way in which I can see that you are damaging your club is by admitting that you practice in a place named Dorkking which I imagine most American teenagers could not resist making fun of.

    I write about other sports besides judo on my blog, mostly mixed martial arts and BJJ but occasionally grappling, soccer or even trapeze

    I cannot imagine how that is disrespectful to judo.

  4. Hi Annmaria, thanks for your comments.
    I guess living near Dorking I don't think of the actual name as being something that could be made fun of but I can see where you are coming from.FYI The town of Dorking appears in the Domesday Book of 1086 as the Manor of Dorchinges. It was held by William the Conqueror.

  5. To be fair, I'm Irish but still think 'Dorking' sounds funny. But hey, there's a place in Derry called 'Muff' (& there's a diving school in it - seriously!).
    At the end of the day, your coaches and now a World Champion have approved your blog as not being disrespectful. I think this is the point where the reader doing the complaining has to stick it in their pipe and smoke it.

  6. hello, i have just found ur blog and read the fact that some1 moaned about it , well i think its just the way a lot of ppl in the UK get there kicks by tryin to bring down those who are happy, enjoyin life and genrally having fun. I being doing Judo for awhile and some BJJ and MMA, i am bad at them all but i like to mixed it up. they all fit nicly together. Judo is a great sport but what people forget that have been doing it for a long time is that times more on and Judo is gettin left behind because of people like that who say that Judo should distance themselfs from BJJ and MMA instead inbracing it. BJJ fights start standin up and they have to get to the ground so to get them there they have to throw the same as Judo or they jump guard and ppl only jump guard in BJJ as they dont want to be thrown, So high grade Judo players can do well.In MMA i see it time and time again a Judo throw or some ne-waza that works in Judo or BJJ. People are leaving Judo for MMA and BJJ, Judo needs to wake up and start making people think its needed for there ALROUND skills or wrestling will jump on the bandwagon and get MORE people doing it and Judo will really lose out. Its also hard to get people to doing something like Judo just 1 day a week like most of the clubs around me are