Friday, 23 April 2010


Just a quick post to say that I have added a Gadget on the left called “Judo Techniques” where I have logged all the techniques needed to grade for Red Belt. Each technique is a link to the BJA website which has either a video or photo of the technique. With a grading surely on the horizon very soon for me this should come in handy as I will be able to easily access my blog and quickly remind myself what I need to know.

Following on from my success at the Newaza tournament I was very much looking forward to last night especially as the club had been closed over the Easter holiday. The only thing I wasn’t looking forward to was my hay fever which is causing my nose to constantly run, not nice if you are doing Newaza with someone.

Going back to the Newaza tournament I noticed that I was able to pull off San-gaku-jime or triangle on both of my opponents but was not able to submit them. In last night’s lesson I caught Oli in it but again I was not able to submit him. Luckily enough Graeme, one of the senior brown belt instructors, was on hand to show me where I was going wrong with this and basically I was not pulling the left arm of Oli and not squeezing my thighs together or just tensing the muscles in my thighs. Once I did this Oli tapped. Slightly gutted I wasn’t able to go back and try this out again at the Newaza tournament as I might have got gold.

I noticed from the BJA website that San-gaku-jime is a technique needed for Brown belt which could explain why the green belts in the tournament walked right in to it. It would explain why Oli, a brown belt, would not expect me to be trying this sort of technique at white belt level.

Overall a good lesson last night with plenty of Randori and Newaza and I’m more hungry than ever to keep learning.

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  1. had a good week, am up for judo on thurs. it makes fu look pretty easy.

    keep the posts coming, Stu.